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The OUTREACH DEVELOPMENT STAFF works hard to provide resources which allow OUTREACH to continue to provide much needed assistance to communities in need. As an individual or business you can help OUTREACH in providing real, lasting solutions for elderly and disabled persons on the brink of crisis, decline and loss of independence. Supporting OUTREACH allows you to:
- Give back to your community.
- Help those individuals who are in the greatest need.
- Increase your company's visibility in the community by sponsoring
programs and special events.
OUTREACH is working hard to provide relief for those in need, and we always welcome partners. Please call OUTREACH DEVELOPMENT at (408) 684-4520 for more information on volunteer, sponsorship and other giving opportunities.
When we think of philanthropists, we think of names such as Rockefeller and Carnegie. Most of us never think of ourselves as philanthropists. But even people of modest means can make a lasting impact on charitable organizations such as OUTREACH and the individuals they serve.
Your gift can help:
- isolated, homebound seniors;
- support needy individuals with life sustaining medical needs;
- support disabled individuals;
- other areas that may be of interest to you.
If you would like more information on how to help OUTREACH and its clients, please call OUTREACH DEVELOPMENT at (408) 678-8586 or

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